Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's

This morning I tried to think of an April Fool's joke to play on Dad that Addie would understand and could help with. Together we replaced all of the clothes in Brian's dresser with Addie's. Addie made sure to make sure all of her clothes were folded properly and in the right spots. Addie was so excited and we laughed and laughed after yelling April Fools. Brian opened several drawers before realizing all of his clothes were gone. Addie is really excited and wants to play more jokes, mostly hiding more stuff in Daddy's dresser.


grandma b said...

Great April Fool's joke. I hope that Brian found his own clothes and didn't have to wear Addie's clothes all day! Hmm, what is she planning for his birthday????

Nessa said...

haha. i was trying to teach lily about april fool's day. we practiced different things to say to dad to nicely "trick" him. when he came upstairs, lily yells: "dad! it's time for april fool's jokes!!!" and proceeded to rapid fire all the "jokes" at him. :)