Friday, April 17, 2009

Phone calls

Addie LOVES to talk on the phone. Brian has been away for the week and she really enjoys calling him. She and Trekker can also talk for quite a while. Addie was grilling Trekker about what he found at an Easter egg hunt. Although she likes to talk on the phone herself she does not like the lack of attention while I am on the phone. Usually I am being climbed on, or licked, or just barraged with repeated "can I talk, can I talks?"
I have been working on getting Edith to at least say hi or make any noise at all on the phone. She is very insistent on holding the phone but just smiles while the person on the other end talks. (She also plays phone with anything with buttons, i.e. remotes, calculators, electric timers, etc) My strategy is to whisper in her non-phone ear things like "what does a cow say? and "what does a monkey say?" She complies and then whoever is talking to her doesn't think the phone has been put down and Edith wandered away.
Today I was trying to talk with my father about something. Its hard to remember what because Edith was climbing on me and Addie was being loud. Addie then starts talking in my ear. I end my conversation how I always do "I need to go. The kids are getting antsy/crazy/wild. Bye." After I hang up Addie asks, "Why didn't you tell Grampa what a chicken says?" I guess she was following my lead and encouraging me to make animal noises into the phone. As usual she doesn't miss a thing. So if I cluck or moo while I am in the middle of a conversation, now you know why.

Oh and now some pictures of Easter Egg Hunting.

Edith got the most eggs because she was allowed to pick up any egg she wanted. Addie's and Trekker's were labeled with their names. All of them had a good time and loved checking out their loot.

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ForresterMom said...

well I think you and Addie need to cal me and Jack sometime!