Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Little Shopper and The Best Doll

Addie continues to be an amazing shopper. I took her with me while I shopped for a new pair of jeans. She loved helping me pick out which ones to try on and telling me which pair looked the best. Then she wanted to keep shopping and shopping when I was ready to go home. She did complain that the kids' clothing store was boring and wanted to go look at more Mom clothes.

We went again today, this time with Edith. She had the best time and did not want to go home. "Let's keep shopping, Mom." The funniest thing was that she scolded me for taking too long in the toy store.

In other news, Addie has discovered that she can dress Mabel. Mabel is not thrilled with this but has learned to listen to Addie's commands and tolerate being made beautiful. What a sweet dog she is. I am so glad the two are such buddies.

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Adriana said...

I always crack up at the Mabel stories. Addie is too funny! (So is Omari - toddlers are fun!)