Monday, December 21, 2009

December Fun

We have been having a wonderful December. We are mostly settled into our new house. The girls enjoyed their annual gingerbread house making with Gramma and Trekker. Edith had to be watched carefully because she likes to nibble on the gingerbread pieces as you help build her house. Addie and Trekker showed a little more restraint.

On Saturday we went to the Old Sturbridge Village 12 nights of Christmas celebration. We had a nice time finding neat things in each of the houses. We tried gingerbread, fruit cake and some cider. The cider was warmed with a hot poker dipped in the pitcher. The girls had a fabulous time leaving Brian and I behind to have fun exploring with Gramma and Grampa. One of the buildings had a bunch of gingerbread houses to look at. Gramma was showing them to Edith and then realized Edith had leaned over and started gnawing on one of the displays. Oh my!

Addie has been enthralled with the story of Jesus' birth and one of her new favorite games is to play "Mary and Joseph." Here she has the whole family set up with my nativity set along with a few extras, a sheep and some beads (cookies according to Addie).

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