Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Holiday Fun

Christmas Day Smiles. Look at those stockings almost as big as the girls!

Yesterday we completed our big drive back from Michigan. Leaving at about 5:30 am and arriving home at a little before 3:00 am we were quite tired. We got some rest and are feeling refreshed after a day of laziness. The kids were great passengers for the most part and Brian said the portable DVD player we gave them for Christmas was the best present ever.

We had a wonderful time visiting Brian's family. We even got to sneak in an evening out with one of Brian's high school friends. All the cousins had a blast together.
Events included the train festival, sledding, taking a 5 minute walk to the beach on New Years day and lots of game playing. Lots of fun. We did stop at Niagara Falls on the drive back so the girls could walk around and enjoy the falls.

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