Saturday, January 16, 2010

Little Tenderheart

Brian took Addie on a little outing to pick up coffee yesterday and relayed this story to me. Addie is usually very close mouthed about school so it was wonderful to hear about it, especially such a sweet story.

There are two girls in Addie's class that are best friends and do everything together. One of them was sick so she wasn't at school. The other girl was then sad and playing by herself. Addie said that she went over to her and said she would be her friend and play with her. In Addie's own words, "My heart said she needed a friend."

And in Edith land...

Now that Edith has realized that everyone has eyes, heads, arms, etc. she is moving on to gender. She loves to tell me about whether everyone she knows is a girl or a boy. Often times this comes with skipping. To Brian, "you're a boy, you're a boy!" Skip Skip Skip. She is also working on other opposites as well.

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grandma b said...

Those girls are just wonderfully sweet!