Thursday, March 4, 2010


Addie really loves Cinderella. When asked to get dressed yesterday she put on her fanciest blue dress and then put some blue ski socks on as long gloves. Cinderella also needs a tiara so she found her Indian crown that she had made at school and put on her crown. What a beautiful Cinderella. Here she is playing with cars and blocks.

We all got some delicious Maple sugar treats in the mail from Brian's parents. The girls' treats were once shaped like moose but got broken in transit. I tried to explain that to Addie but I guess I didn't do a very good job. According to her, "This was a piece of a moose that fell off. Then they picked it up and put some sugar on it so it would taste so yummy." Well she loved eating her piece of moose. Hopefully she won't be disappointed if someone tries to serve her a piece of moose steak.

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grandma b said...

Glad Addie liked her moose!