Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fire Station Adventure

This week we travelled to Fire Station 73 in Issaquah with the Issaquah SAHM MeetUp Group. Addie didn't really care much about the tour but did perk up a little when we actually got to get in and play on the Ladder Truck. She was still pretty timid and is a little young to be that excited, but I think she had a good time. I would say that she liked "driving" the truck the best. She got a plastic helmet as a souvenier and enjoys wearing it around the house. Now that we have been home she has newfound interest in her fire engine book.

Edith enjoyed her trip to the fire station by taking a nice long snooze in the sling.

I was impressed that there is an auto shutoff switch on the stove and oven whenever there is a call. Apparently a few too many firehouses burned down when the firemen left while they were cooking. Unfortunately this fire station did not have a pole.

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Gloria said...

What a wonderful thing to do for us Grandparents who don't get to see their Grand daughters as often as we would like. Give Addie and Edith a hug and kiss from their Grammy.