Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A visit with Bess

This weekend Bess came all the way from Tennessee to visit us. We had a great time. We played some games and ate lots of yummy food. Bess read lots of stories and probably has a few of them memorized from her three day visit. She was happy to get some baby snuggling time in. We ended our visit with the traditional Bess's Crepe breakfast. Too bad there was no nutella on hand.

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bess said...

Yeah! I had so much fun with Beth & the little ladies! We did do lots of eating, baby snuggling, reading, and of course talking. Perhaps that's why by the third day Addie declaired "no more talking!" It was a great visit and worth the long flight (not that long direct from SEA to BNA - you should try it sometime! :) Hope to see you all again soon:}