Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Adelaide

Happy 3rd Birthday Adelaide

Addie will proudly tell you she is three years old. She started her day off with ice cream for breakfast, because her Great Aunt Lynn told her you get ice cream for breaskfast on your birthday. Then she went to gymnastics with Grandma. After a nap and swimming with her cousins she came home for her birthday dinner of macaroni and cheese and broccoli. After an ice cream cake she was ready for bed. An exhausting day especially with the time change.


Buchanans said...

Happy Birthday, Addie!

We're glad you had such a wonderful day. We were thinking of you. Omari says hello in between coughs and sniffles.

Love you!!
Omari, Adriana and Marlon

ForresterMom said...

Happy Birthday Miss Adelaide! We'd give you big hugs if we were there. Jack and I celebrated by sharing Cold Stone ice cream today! I told him it was for Addie's birthday and he asked when it would be his and if he could have ice cream too!