Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Little Helper and Big Walker

So I decided that I should unpack another box or two. I chose the box labelled crayons. As I was taking things out I noticed a cup. It was one of Addie's snack cups snuggled in neatly in with the crayons. The funny thing is that there was still a snack in it, oyster crackers. Apparently I had a little helper while I was packing up this box.

Edith is officially walking. Really walking. She can circle the room, start, stop, bend over and pick things up and other amazing feats. It is so much fun to watch her and even more fun to catch her when she comes toddling up for a hug.

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ForresterMom said...

Just have to say I peeked at Addie's wish list. We LOVE bilibos! And I love Hearthsong too! I definately will look for the latches puzzles. Those look cool.