Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day

After nap time we headed up to Pepperell to partake in the July 4th festivities with Amelia and Eric. We enjoyed a nice relaxing time at the playground and chatting while we waited. Brian and I had repeatedly warned Addie that both girls had to stay cheerful and well behaved if we were to see fireworks. Both girls did amazing and we enjoyed some fireworks. Edith was a little stunned with the loud booms. Brian taught her to say "boom" and "oooh" which helped. Addie of course thought Amelia was her special play partner and had a grand time playing with her and sharing cotton candy with her. Overall a nice day and great to see friends.
Happy Birthday America

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Adriana said...

I love this picture of the whole family! I'm glad that everyone had fun. We'd just gotten back from NM, so Omari went to bed early. He didn't see the fireworks around the neighborhood. They sure were loud, though!