Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Christmas Wish Granted

Hurrah. At just shy of 14 months old Edith's first tooth has finally poked through yesterday morning. She had been teething for months. Of course now she wants something different from Santa, a toothbrush.


grandma b said...

Yay!!! Finally!

Adriana said...

He, he. I thought Omari was a late bloomer when he didn't get his first tooth until 9 months. I felt it was a blessing. =) Here he is with 12 teeth and STILL drools a lot. Thanks for the comment in my blog.

Nessa said...

and now she's going to get 11 more in 11 days. instead of the 12 days of christmas, you'll get the 12 days of edith's teeth. :)