Monday, December 15, 2008

Gingerbread Houses

Today Addie and Trekker had a lot of fun helping Gramma make a gingerbread house. Addie tried so hard to put the candy on the house instead of in her mouth. She was pretty pleased when she was allowed to finally eat some of the candy.

We finally have power again. There was an ice storm and we lost power Thursday night. We finally got it back Sunday evening. Although we had no heat, it felt luxurious (for a power outage) because we still had hot water and could cook because we have propane. This was a step up from our house in Issaquah when we would have no water of any kind during a power outage. Hot showers in the dark are not so bad. One challenge we faced was dressing Edith for sleep. She hates pajamas with feet, hates wearing socks to bed, and hates blankets. So for bed I put her in leg warmers and fleece pajamas. Then we add the finishing touch of Brian's ski socks. They were cozy and she couldn't get them off. She looked silly, but she stayed warm.

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Adriana said...

So glad the power loss wasn't as bad as when you lived out here. Can you believe the whole country is dealing with "winter storms"? I haven't driven to work in 2 days because of the ice/snow. So...your Christmas card and the girls' gifts will likely not make it before Christmas! Thinking of you.